Crazy Paving

Crazy paving creates a natural, random pattern for beautiful garden paving. It is recommended to be installed by people who have paving experience. Here is a brief description of how to lay crazy paving for a natural landscape.


1. Mark the area to be crazy paved. Consider the fall to ensure water runs away from any structures and into drains or garden beds. A fall of 20mm per meter is recommended to avoid any pooling of water on the crazy paving.


2. Excavate the area to the required depth. To work out the depth, add the heights of the base and crazy paving stone. For pedestrian traffic, the base is made up of 50mm of crushed rock, and 20mm of mortar. The crazy paving slate height will vary depending on the variety chosen, typically 15-30mm. So the total excavation should be 100-130mm.


3. Install any plumbing required for proper drainage of the crazy paving.


4. Fill and compact the area with 55mm of crushed rock. This allows for a 5mm drop in height after compaction.


5. Lay the crazy paving. Bring as may pieces of crazy paving slate close to the paving area to help choose the pieces of the crazy paving puzzle. This is best done with two people, one Mixing one load of concrete at a time, while the other chooses, places, and levels each piece of crazy paving.For a color grout leave a 20mm deep gap between the slate pieces.


5. Add color to a mix of white sand and white concrete for the crazy paving grout. Grout all the gaps in the paving, being careful not to get to much on the slate pieces.


6. After at least 3 days, the crazy paving is ready to be cleaned. When the concrete cures salts come to the surface, seen as white rings on the paver suface. Clean the crazy paving with diluted hydrochloric acid to remove all excess concrete.


7. Seal the slate with your choice of a matt or wet look sealer.


8. Bring out the outdoor setting, barbecue and friends to enjoy your crazy paving entertainment area!

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